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“A Queer History of Communism: Navigating Sexuality and Gender in Czechoslovakia, 1945-1989” 

In December of 2022, I contributed an analytic review of Queer Encounters with Communist Power: Non-heterosexual Lives and the State in Czechoslovakia, 1948-1989 by Vera Sokolova to East European Journal of Feminist and Queer Studies. Click HERE to read my review.

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“Eastern Europe’s Anti-Gender Movement and What It Means for America” 

In June 2021, I contributed an article to Ms. Magazine on the anti-gender movement in Eastern Europe and what it means for American. Click HERE to read my article.


Americans and Czechs Against Sexual Violence

In March of 2019 I organized Americans and Czechs Against Sexual Violence: A Symposium in Solidarity, held at the American Center as an outreach program for the American Embassy in Prague.


“Want To Be A Modern Sophisticated Girl? Do Not Complain. Is Slovakia In A Post-feminist Era?”

In my article published in the online feminist zine Feminist.FYI, I draw on cultural theorist Angela McRobbie's conception of post-feminism to examine the ways in which notions of femininity and capitalism have intersected in post-communist Slovakia. I ask, is Slovakia in a post-feminist era having by-passed the radical feminist era of the mid-twentieth century experienced in Western countries? Click HERE to read my full article.

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“Amid the Russian Invasion, Ukraine Stands up for Gender Equality” 

In July 2022, I contributed an article to Ms. Magazine on Ukraine's ratification of the Istanbul Convention. Click HERE to read my article.


“Combating Violence Against Women in the Czech Republic: Beyond the Coronavirus” 

In May 2020,  I served as a guest contributor to the Brno Daily. I follow-up on an article reporting on the increase in domestic violence due to the coronavirus pandemic. I examine the situation in the Czech Republic in more detail and explain why it is essential that domestic violence is seen in the wider context of gender-based violence. Click HERE to read my article.

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Sex Trafficking and Gender Violence

In February of 2020, I served on the expert panel " Sex Trafficking And Gender Violence" hosted by UF's Intersections Mellon Group, Ethics in the Public Sphere. 

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