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Research Article “Do Czech Women Need ‘Gender’?: A Conceptual History of ‘Gender’ in Czechia” 

In my article published in July 2023, I utilize a postcolonial feminist lens to examine the concept of ‘gender’ in Czechia, drawing attention to the role played by Czech academics, activists and policymakers in negotiating the use of the term ‘gender’.Click HERE to read my article.

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“A Queer History of Communism: Navigating Sexuality and Gender in Czechoslovakia, 1945-1989” 

In December of 2022, I contributed an analytic review of Queer Encounters with Communist Power: Non-heterosexual Lives and the State in Czechoslovakia, 1948-1989 by Vera Sokolova to East European Journal of Feminist and Queer Studies. Click HERE to read my review.

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“Eastern Europe’s Anti-Gender Movement and What It Means for America” 

In June 2021, I contributed an article to Ms. Magazine on the anti-gender movement in Eastern Europe and what it means for American. Click HERE to read my article.


Americans and Czechs Against Sexual Violence

In March of 2019 I organized Americans and Czechs Against Sexual Violence: A Symposium in Solidarity, held at the American Center as an outreach program for the American Embassy in Prague.


“Want To Be A Modern Sophisticated Girl? Do Not Complain. Is Slovakia In A Post-feminist Era?”

In my article published in the online feminist zine Feminist.FYI, I draw on cultural theorist Angela McRobbie's conception of post-feminism to examine the ways in which notions of femininity and capitalism have intersected in post-communist Slovakia. I ask, is Slovakia in a post-feminist era having by-passed the radical feminist era of the mid-twentieth century experienced in Western countries? Click HERE to read my full article.

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Research Article “Gendering Violence in the Age of Anti-Genderism: Feminist Framing of Violence Against Women in Slovakia” 

My article published in May 2023 examines the collective action frames of violence against women put forth by women’s organizations in the gender equality community in Slovakia during the current period of heightened conservative activism against gender and sexual equality. Click HERE to read my article.

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“Amid the Russian Invasion, Ukraine Stands up for Gender Equality” 

In July 2022, I contributed an article to Ms. Magazine on Ukraine's ratification of the Istanbul Convention. Click HERE to read my article.


“Combating Violence Against Women in the Czech Republic: Beyond the Coronavirus” 

In May 2020,  I served as a guest contributor to the Brno Daily. I follow-up on an article reporting on the increase in domestic violence due to the coronavirus pandemic. I examine the situation in the Czech Republic in more detail and explain why it is essential that domestic violence is seen in the wider context of gender-based violence. Click HERE to read my article.

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Sex Trafficking and Gender Violence

In February of 2020, I served on the expert panel " Sex Trafficking And Gender Violence" hosted by UF's Intersections Mellon Group, Ethics in the Public Sphere. 

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